Mobic 415AS - Aluminum Alloy Portable Folding Bike

$ 399.00

Mobic 415A series is an all aluminum frame folding bike that is design to keep the weight at a minimal for urban transport. It folds in a very quick 15 seconds. (Click on the video to the right see the Mobic in action.) This allows riders to easily and quickly fold prior to getting on a train, subway or bus. Light weight, comfort and smart looks were on the top of our list when we designed the 415 series.

The 415A series comes with 20 inch wheels made of lightweight aluminum. Each Mobic is equipped with a super comfortable Mobic saddle and ergonomic handle bar grips that creates a riding experience like no other. Also included are heavy duty but lightweight aluminum mudguards and an aluminum bell. Combined with Shimano’s 6-speed grip shifter and a quick-lock kick stand, the Mobic 415A is ready for any type of commute. We wanted most importantly our riders to enjoy their commute. This way they will experience the fun of riding a Mobic not just to and from work or school but also for health and leisure.

Arrives 100% Assembled in California, Ready-to-Ride
21 point inspection

Committed to Quality

Prior to every bike we ship, we perform a rigorous 21 Point Quality Inspection and Road Test to make sure proper adjustment are performed on each working component. Click here to Learn More about our 21 Point Inspection

Watch it fold in 15sec!

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