21 Point Inspection

21 Point Quality Inspection and Road Test Prior to every bike we ship, we perform a rigorous 21 Point Quality Inspection and Road Test to make sure proper adjustment are performed on each working component. We developed this quality process based on the bikes we built for our own children. We want you to be safe and have the best riding experience possible.
1 Inspect frame folding mechanism
2 Inspect folding handle bar release mechanism
3 Inspect chain ring
4 Inspect crank
5 Inspect crank arm
6 Inspect bottom bracket
7 Inspect and adjust front shifter
8 Inspect and adjust rear derailleur
9 Inspect and adjust front brake contact
10 Inspect and adjust rear brake contact
11 Inspect and adjust saddle
12 Inspect seat post and seat clamp
13 Inspect front wheel bolts
14 Inspect rear wheel bolts
15 Inspect front tire pressure
16 Inspect rear tire pressure
17 Inspect reflectors
18 Inspect kickstand
19 Inspect all screws and bolts
20 Lube all working components
21 Final road test