About Us

How MOBIC got started.
While traveling to Europe and Asia, our founder realized that here in the US we weren't taking full advantage of our bicycles and that we should incorporate a bike into our daily lifestyles. The way to do this is to include a bike that folds and allows people to bring with them everywhere they go. This includes going to work, school, running errands or just out having fun. The concept and idea motivated us to design a lightweight and easy to ride folding bike that makes riding fun. Living in today's urban environment requires a smart use of space. Being able to bring a bike with you in you car, when you ride a train or bus, it's all about mobility. Just like your cell phone which you bring with you at all times. A bicycle should be similar to your cell phone so you can enjoy the use where ever you go. Now that is maximizing the use of your investment. And this is why we created MOBIC, which stands for "mobile bicycles".

Why buy a Mobic folding bike over a regular non-folding bike?
After all riding is good for health also for our environment. But most of us can't fit in the time to ride our bikes. The No. 1 reason is because it's cumbersome and time consuming to bring your bike with you where ever you go. You must be able to fit your bike in the back of the car trunk or spend additional time and money to install a bike rack that can easily cost an additional $200 or more. Due to the size of a Mobic folding bike, it's easy to bring your bike with you anywhere you go in less than 15 seconds! For more details on Why MOBIC, Click Here.

Mission Statement
Mobic was founded to help our community reach an environmentally sustainable form of transportation from point A to point B. We realize that not everyone can afford a quality transportation vehicle. So we came up with the idea to offer a quality folding bike that is ideal for urban transport and yet affordable for most people.

Company Info
Mobic’s headquarter is in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s where people strive to fight for commuters traffic, public transportation and parking. The perfect place to start and offer a quality urban folding bike that can easily be folded and carried on any public transportation.