MOBIC Bikes are ergonomically designed to ride with comfort in mind. Our folding bikes ride like a full size bike.

Cushioned saddle and ergonomic grips allow you to ride in comfort for those long weekend rides.

Each MOBIC comes with comfort tires that are easy on your back and bottom where it counts the most.


Easy to fold in 15 seconds toolless mechanism lets you take your bike anywhere with ease.

Lightweight Aluminum alloy frames are swift and easy to place in your car trunk or carry on the bus and train.

Available rear racks to help you carry that extra load.

Plus our MOBIC protective carry bag allows you to store and carry your Mobic bike just about anywhere with ease.


Multi-speed shifters allow you to conquer almost any hill.

Protective fenders and chainguards prevent getting your clothes dirty on unexpected occasions.

When it comes to replacements our industry standard 20 inch tires are easy to replace anywhere in the world.

Watch it fold in 15sec!

Commitment to Quality

21 Point Quality Inspection and Road Test Prior to every bike we ship, we perform a rigorous 21 Point Quality Inspection and Road Test to make sure proper adjustment are performed on each working component.
Learn more about the the 21 point inspection

Why buy a MOBIC folding bike over a regular non-folding bike?

Riding a bike is good for your health and environment but but most of us can't fit in the time to ride our bikes. In most urban areas it gets cumbersome and time consuming to bring your bike with you where ever you go. You'd have to fit your bike in the back of the car trunk or spend additional time and money to install a bike rack that can easily cost an additional $200 or more. With a MOBIC folding bike, it's easy to bring your bike with you anywhere you go in less than 15 seconds!
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